Ben Galphin – Outdoor Leadership Minor Student

Hello, my name is Ben Galphin, and I graduated December 2011 and immediately landed my dream job, working in the quality laboratory for Patagonia, Inc.  For those of you who don’t know Patagonia, they are an outdoor equipment manufacturer and make some of the finest outdoor apparel in the industry.

The first thing the minor did for me was get me noticed.  When I interviewed for the position that I would eventually get, I talked to the people who would one day be my co-workers, and their number one question wasn’t about my engineering degree, but rather about my minor- Outdoor Leadership.

You see, so many people think of that kind of study is only for people who are going to be guides or park rangers, but it is really for anyone.  The minor helped validate my experience in the outdoors and let employers like Patagonia know that I have an understanding of what outdoor equipment should be.
The Outdoor Leadership minor didn’t just help me get a job, it made my time at State more fun too.  It’s an awesome way to meet cool people and awesome instructors and learn some unique skill sets.  Many of the sports that the minor introduces students to can be life-long pursuits,  and I met some of my best friends on the field trips and activities with Campus Rec. and the Outdoor Adventures Club, both of which I found through the minor.

I think that anyone who attends NCSU should at least give the Outdoor Leadership Minor a try- you will get class credit that you need, but if you don’t do it while you’re there, you’ll wish you did.