• Where can I pay the additional charge for my class?

    Here is the URL to the HES E-store:  https://commerce.cashnet.com/NCSUHES
    You may pay as a guest or create an account. You may also pay for several class charges at once.

  • What is the appropriate course for me to take?

    All students must complete the university’s General Education Plan (GEP) by passing two activity classes from the Department of Health and Exercise Studies. At least one class must come from the 100-level (i.e., fitness classes) and the other may come from the 200-level (i.e., skill classes). Students may opt to take both required classes from the 100-level. We encourage all freshmen to take a class during their first semester (and each semester thereafter).

  • How does the wait list work for activity classes?

    There are no registration wait lists for most courses in Health and Exercise Studies with the exception of distance education (DE) sections. Students must attend class to add if seats are available.

  • How do I add a class if it is full?

    There is normally some turnover in the class roster during the first week of classes. Non-registered students who attend will be added by the instructor when/if seats become available. Students cannot add without being present as instructor permission is required beginning the first day of class.

  • Are any classes “restricted” for special groups?

    We reserve space for freshmen each semester so that they will have the opportunity to have an activity class as part of their initial collegiate schedule. Freshmen restrictions will normally “expire” once pre-registration is over (usually one week prior to 1st day of class), then open seats may be taken by any student.

  • How many courses should I take before graduation?

    You are required to pass two GEP classes. We strongly encourage students to take a physical activity class each semester to stay physically fit throughout their collegiate careers. Our motto is for students to “take eight at State” before they graduate. Those completing eight activity classes are eligible to receive a “take eight at State” t-shirt and water bottle.

  • Can I take Health and Exercise Studies classes pass/fail?

    Yes, all activity classes are eligible for pass/fail. It is the student’s responsibility to opt for his/her preferred grade method and also verify that the method is correct before the university change deadline (which is usually mid-semester). Instructors play no role in your grade method decision or process and your method cannot be changed after the university deadline. See Record & Registration link for more details:http://www.ncsu.edu/registrar/calendars/index.html

  • What is the department attendance policy for activity classes?

    The Department of Health and Exercise Studies requires that students attend and participate in a minimum of 80% of all scheduled class meetings to receive credit for the course (e.g., 24 of 30 classes, max of 6 absences). Your syllabi may declare more strict, but not less strict, attendance requirements (e.g., 25 of 30 classes, max of 5 absences). Attendance will be counted beginning the first day of class, though instructors have the flexibility to apply the 80% requirement to students based on their add date. Attendance policies, including procedures for submitting excuses and for scheduling makeup work when the excuses are accepted, shall be clearly defined in the syllabus to be distributed (electronically) on or before the first day of class.

Clothing, Lockers, and Equipment

  • Should I dress for activity the first day of class?

    Some classes will be active the first day while others will use that time for orientation and lecture. Your instructor should send you a syllabus prior to the first day of class with information about first day activities. If in doubt, come prepared to participate on day-one.

  • Does the department issue physical activity clothing, and is it required to wear during class?

    The standard “red and gray” issue is available to all students whether they are taking a physical activity class or not. Clothing, equipment checkout, and laundry service are included in student fees. Some of our classes do require that the gray shirt be worn for class activity. Students have the option of purchasing a gray shirt of alternate material (e.g., dry-fit, 100% cotton) at the bookstore. Your instructor will have clothing/equipment details in the course syllabus.

  • Will I need any personal equipment for my class?

    Most classes will provide equipment for each student. In the event that personal equipment is needed, you will be advised by your instructor. Examples of required personal equipment are goggles for swim classes, running shoes for fitness classes, and gis for karate classes.

  • Are there any fees associated with physical activity classes?

    Some specialty classes that include travel and/or certification may necessitate a nominal user fee. Examples are outdoor education trips, scuba certification trips, and Red Cross certification classes.

  • Where do I get a locker?

    Clothing checkout is located in Carmichael Gym at RM 1217 between the men’s and women’s locker rooms. Your student fees cover all gymnasium privileges (except for certain pay-to-play University Recreation programs). Laundry service is included.

    Student Assigned Locker Service
    Assigned lockers are now available to students!  Effective January 7, 2013 assigned locker service will become a separate, value added option that students may elect to purchase.  Both half and full size lockers are available to rent on a semester or annual basis at a rate of $25 per semester or $60 per year.  Please come to the Member Services Suite to register for assigned locker service.
    Student Day Use Locker Service
    Your current student membership will continue to include free access to Day Use Lockers.  A section of lockers located in both the Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms are available for daily use on a first-come, first-serve basis.  To take advantage of a Day Use Locker, users must bring his/her own lock or check one out from the Equipment Room.  Locks must be removed when the user leaves the facility each day.  Any locks that remain at building closing hours will be cut and removed. Locker contents will be placed in a bag and stored at Equipment Checkout for 14 days.  After this time, unclaimed items will be donated to charity.  A $5 fee will be charged each time a lock is cut.
    Please contact University Recreation at (919)515-PLAY for any further inquires or go online to recreation.ncsu.edu.  Enjoy these new options as we continue to provide a quality experience through our programs, services, and facilities for the NC State community.

Contacting Instructors

  • Where are the faculty offices located?

    All faculty offices are in the Wellness and Recreation Center (1st floor, 1170 office block). Visit our Faculty & Staff page for all faculty information, including education background, courses taught, and contact information.

Minor Program

  • Do HESM courses count toward the GEP?

    No, these are classes required within our Minor Program and also serve as free electives.

  • What minors are offered through Health and Exercise Studies?

    Coaching, Health, Outdoor, Sports Science, and Dance. See this link for more information: Minor Programs