HESA 217

Survival Swimming – Course Description

This course will provide NCSU students with the opportunity to learn water survival skills and techniques that will enhance their chances of survival if stranded in the water. Skills include drownproofing, underwater swimming, survival swim strokes, jumping from a height, clothing inflation techniques, and swimming through a simulated oil/debris field. These survival skills and techniques will help promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Students’ skills will be video taped throughout the semester to enhance skill development. Required prerequisite: HESA 214 or equivalent skill.



Sample Syllabus


Students should not enter the pool until their instructor is on deck and has given permission to enter or unless there is a lifeguard on duty for the pool that you desire to enter.

Diving into the pool in not allowed unless you are receiving diving instruction from your instructor. Please click on the video below to see how easily a neck injury could occur. This swimmer was fortunate that an injury was avoided.

Skills Demonstrations

Please note that in all HES classes you should only dive into the water under the supervision of your instructor.  Also, you should dive only in the diving well and not in the lanes.

As you learn new skills it is easy to become frustrated.  Becoming frustrated will make it more difficult acquire the skill.  Therefore, first of all you should ensure that you understand how to perform the skill and then perform the skill by being “Slow & Relaxed with Good Technique” regardless of how uncomfortable you may feel.  Below are a list of skills demonstrations that you will be learning in this course.


  • Navy Swimming and Survival Swimming Instructor Manual