HESR 242

Badminton – Course Description

This is a beginning badminton course in which students will develop the basic skills necessary to play the game of badminton. Technical skills include the overhead and underhand clears, the short and long serves, drop shots and the smash. Instruction will include an emphasis on the fundamental strategies and rules used in both singles and doubles play. Basic fitness and training principles will be discussed as applicable to the sport of badminton.


Sample Syllabus

Course Pack

Tests & Scales

It is the intent of the Department of Health & Exercise Studies that all sections of a given course are graded consistently. This page describes the performance tests and the scales that are to be used with this course. Although your instructor may or may not choose to use every test described, he or she will use these procedures and grading scales for the tests students perform. Where appropriate, a video demonstration of the skills test has been provided.