Keep Your Fitness Resolutions for 2015

Many people make fitness resolutions at the start of every New Year, but few are able to keep exercising regularly for more than a couple of weeks. Here are a few tips to help you succeed where so many others have failed.

  1. Expand outcome goals into measureable parts – When making New Year’s resolutions, most individuals think in simplistic terms, such as, “I’m going to get in shape before Spring Break”. Although this is a positive start, you need to have several process goals that you can focus on which will eventually lead to the end result. To continually inspire progress you need to expand your perspective to evaluate multiple aspects such as body weight, body fat, strength, energy, and sense of happiness. This way when there’s a temporary setback in one aspect, you can always see progress in other areas to keep you going.
  2. Find your motivation – If you want to acheive any goal or persist through any struggle, you’ve got to find your own internal, personal motivation. This should be something that you can keep at the forefront of your thoughts at all times. For example, choosing to run a 5k race in the near future may be just the motivator you need to keep you exercising regularly. The secret is to choose a goal that means something to you. It has to be important enough that you’ll be able to stick to it regardless of the distractions or temporay setbacks that will inevitably arise.
  3. Don’t do it alone – You’re going to need others to help. However, this doesn’t simply mean that you should work out with someone else. There are several ways in which you can utilize others to help achieve your goals. For example, you might consult with a dietitian to get nutritional advice or a fitness trainer to develop a training program. You can also attend group fitness classes with Campus Recreation, register for a HES class, join a club sport, or participate in a fitness program at your dorm or in your department. Also, it’s a good idea to share your goals with friends who can help you refine them and keep you motivated to acheive them.