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HES Minor Spotlight: Dance

Program Description

The Department of Health and Exercise Studies offers a 16 credit hour Dance Minor that is designed for students who wish to delve deeper into dance studies in an intellectual, creative, and practical capacity to propel them forward in career, service, and artistry. The coursework is balanced between theory courses, creative inquiry, and technical proficiency. The student has the opportunity to select the specific courses which best fulfill his/her needs while maintaining an overall balance. A student in the dance minor may be preparing for graduate study or for work as a performer, choreographer, educator, or dance therapist. The dance minor also enhances students’ studies as they prepare for careers and service as arts entrepreneurs or administrators, physical therapists, physicians, or in disciplines such as Africana studies, design, film, and engineering.

Program Requirements

  • The dance minor requires the completion of 16 credit hours.
  • Students must obtain a grade of “C-” or better in each of the required and elective courses.
  • Students may not take minor coursework on a credit only (pass/fail) or S/U basis.
  • Students must attain a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 in the minor.
  • The program coordinator will certify the minor prior to graduation.
  • A minimum of 12 of the 16 required credit hours must be completed at NC State.

Minor Courses & Requirements

Theory (6 hours)

Choose 2:
HESM 322 Dance and Society (3cr.) offered alternating Fall semesters (2019, 2021)
HESM 324 Concert Dance History (3cr.) offered online in Spring only
HESM 326 Current Trends in Dance (3cr.) offered in alternating Fall semesters (2020, 2022)

Creative (4-5 hours)*

HESM 320 Movement Improvisation (1cr.)

Choose at least 2 additional courses:
DAN 272 Dance Composition Solo Forms (1cr.) (prereq. HESM 320) offered Fall only
HESM 328 Dance Composition Group Forms (2cr.) (prereq. HESM 320) offered Spring only
HESM 330 Introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentals and Laban Movement Analysis (2cr.) offered alternating Fall semesters (2020, 2022, 2024)
HESM 332 Dance and Technology (2cr.) offered alternating Spring semesters (2021, 2023, 2025)

Practice (4-5 hours)*

Choose 2 courses in practice/performance:
HESD 227 African Dance (1cr.) offered Fall only
HESD 230 Horton Dance Technique (1cr.) offered Fall only
HESD 234 Country Dance (1 cr.) offered Spring only
HESD 240 Social Dance (1cr.)
HESD 263 Tap Dance (1cr.) offered Spring only
HESD 264 Ballet (1cr.)
HESD 273 Jazz Dance (1cr.)
HESD 274 Modern Dance I (1cr.)
DAN 210 Current Trends in Afrocentric and World Dance (1cr.) (prereq. Audition)
DAN 260 Hip-hop Dance (1cr.)
DAN 295 Problems of Dance Performance (2cr.) (prereq. Audition)

Choose 2 technique courses:
HESD 241 Social Dance II (1cr.) (prereq. HESD 240) offered Fall only
HESD 228 African Dance II (1cr.) (prereq. HESD 227)
HESD 265 Ballet II (1cr. ) (prereq. HESD 264) offered Fall only
HESD 275 Modern Dance II (1cr.) (prereq. HESD 274)
HESD 280 Jazz Dance II (1cr.) (prereq. HESD 273) offered Spring only
DAN 261 Hip-hop Dance II (1cr.) (prereq. DAN 260)

Capstone course (1 hour)

HESM 304 Dance Practicum (1cr.)

*Note: You must take more than 4 hours in one of these categories in order to meet the 16 credit hour requirement.

Admission Process

  1. Read over all information regarding the minor program.
  2. Contact the minor program coordinator (
  3. Declare the minor through CODA in MyPack portal.
  4. Begin taking the required and/or elective courses in the minor program (HESM 304 excluded).
  5. Meet with the minor coordinator prior to enrolling in the minor practicum.