The Phone Challenge

The Phone Challenge

We Challenge You!

Health and Exercise Studies presents The Phone Challenge

Put it away and say “Hey!”

Beginning at 8am August 22, 2018, we challenge you to put away your phone while walking to class and say “Hey!” to at least 5 people.

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5 Reasons to put your cell phone away:

  1. Cell phone use may be detrimental to the back. Did you know that cell phone use can double or triple the weight of your head and can strain your neck?
  2. Cell phone use may alter your brain waves.
  3. Cell phone use may be addicting.
  4. Cell phone use may hamper your ability to interact socially.
  5. Cell phone use may be distracting and could create an environment in which you are vulnerable to physical harm, thievery, etc.

TED Talk advocating putting away your cell phone and talking to others:
The Secret to Living Longer may be your Social Life

Show us you are participating and get rewarded!

  1. HES faculty will be around campus to “catch” students walking with their phones put away.
    *Earn a #phonechallenge prize!
  2. Post a photo of a new friend or acquaintance you met while saying “hey” to someone new.
    *Be sure to tag @ncstatehes and use #phonechallenge #putitaway #sayhey 
  3. Tweet about how you feel at the end of the day or week spending less time on your phone.
    *Be sure to tag @ncstatehes and use #phonechallenge #putitaway #sayhey 

@ncstatehes will repost/retweet your successes!

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