Wednesday Workout: HIIT

30-Minute HIIT Workout
by: Renee Harrington

This 30 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout does not need any equipment other than a timer. The goal is to work in the upper percentage of your target heart rate zone (8-9 on a Perceived Exertion Scale). This takes you into your anaerobic zone, a place where there isn’t enough oxygen for your body, during the work intervals. Although it is short, this type of workout helps to improve performance, burn fat, and burn more calories all day long.

Round 1: 30 seconds each exercise, 2 times through
Burpee-side jump
Jack pushup
Frog jump 2×2
Single leg side/straight jump
30 second break
Triceps pushups
Squat jump
Plyo lunge

Round 2: 90 sec interval, repeat each exercise for 90 seconds total
10 chest pushups
10 side hurdle jumps

Round 3: 20/20 Intervals, 20 seconds alternating, 2 times through
Sprint/Mt climber
Sprint/Star jump
Sprint/Long jump shuffle
Sprint/Burpee tuck jump
30 second break

Repeat Rounds 1-3 one more time