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Fast Facts


In 1923, NC State’s Board of Trustees authorized the establishment of the Department of Physical Education. Since that time, the university has developed and expanded its unique physical education program under the leadership of ten department heads and numerous faculty. The name of the department was changed in May 2012 to reflect its current focus. Learn more about the historical timeline of our department.


  • Interim Department Head: Tommy Holden
  • Associate Department Head: Brenda Watson
  • Assistant Department Heads: Sarah Ball and JD Lee
  • 32 Faculty Members
  • Staff
  • Minor Program Coordinators
  • Crista Bain from the Coaching Education Minor was awarded the Isaac “Frank” Ormond III Scholarship in 2020. The award, established by the Ormond family in memoriam of Frank Ormond, supports a student enrolled in one of the HES minors who understands the field and intends to apply skills and knowledge from the minor in their professional life, as well as demonstrating a strong consistent commitment to the field.
  • HES classes create communities that are filled with diverse students from different majors, minors and backgrounds, and provide collaborative, interactive experiences for students.
  • The HES faculty and staff are 48.6% female and 24% BIPOC. 

Programs and Curricula

  • Minor Programs – Five programs (Coaching Education, Health, Outdoor Leadership, Sports Science and Dance)
  • Take 8 at NC State is in its 11th year. The initiative challenges students to take 8 credits of activity classes from our 100- and/or 200-level classes before graduation.
    • Over 400 students have completed Take 8 at NC State.
  • Per the NC State General Education Program (GEP) requirement, undergraduate students must complete 2 credit hours in Health and Exercise Studies. One credit must be a Fitness and Wellness (HESF 100-level) course.
  • The Isaac Frank Ormond, III Memorial Scholarship Fund is an academic scholarship awarded annually to a student enrolled in a HES minor.

Student Impact

  • Over 30 faculty teach nearly 100 different course offerings via approximately 600 course sections annually
  • Approximately 15,000 students enroll annually in on-campus and Distance Education (DE) sections
  • More than 190 students have declared a minor in one or more of our five minor programs

Stay Connected

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Listen to the Talk 8 at NC State Podcast where we speak with faculty and students about HES classes, minors, research and careers.