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Historical Timeline

1923 – 1936In 1923 the Department of Physical Education and Athletics was established under the authorization of the Board of Trustees. Athletics was included in the Department of Physical Education, thus all coaches were teaching faculty. John F. Miller was named department head from 1923-51.
1924A two-year physical education requirement (PE 101 & 102) was implemented for graduation and taken during students’ freshmen & sophomore years. Also, all freshmen had to take a special one-day hygiene class before receiving credit for their physical education class. PE 120 (an array of classes to choose from) was an elective for juniors and seniors.
1925Thompson Gymnasium was opened. Construction cost was $410,000.
outdoor class | indoor class
1933A major in physical education was approved to prepare students to teach and coach in public schools. There was only one graduating class in 1937 because of the depression, which resulted in a consolidation of programs within the university system [NC State College, UNC-Chapel Hill and Women’s College, currently UNC- Greensboro].
1937The Department of Physical Education and Athletics name was changed to the Department of Physical Education and the Department of Athletics.
1946Physical Education and Athletics became separate departments.
1951Paul H. Derr was named department head from 1951-1969.
1954The University moved from a quarter system to a semester system, which resulted in the four-semester physical education requirement.
1958The increasing student enrollment and lack of space in Thompson Hall required an adjustment in the formatting of classes. Physical Education classes were adjusted to two 8-week classes within a semester. The numeric grades from the two classes were averaged for a final letter grade.
1960Physical Education Faculty 1960
1961The department established the Adult Fitness Program. It was the first extension program in the adult fitness area for men over 35 researching cardiovascular fitness. This program continues to serve the community. Carmichael Gymnasium was opened. The construction cost was $2.7 million.
1962As the female enrollment increased, the physical education department provided women’s-only classes
1969Dr. Frederick R. Drews was named department head from 1969 – 1981.
1970Dr. William P. Marley, the first exercise physiologist, was hired to develop a Health & Physical Fitness Course and train the staff to teach it (1970-1975).
1971This Health & Physical Fitness course was implemented and named PE 100. A battery of tests was administered to each student so that they could be classified on one of four fitness level categories for class participation. PE 100 Health & Physical Fitness is the foundation course in the four-semester requirement for graduation.
1980All classes became co-educational.
1981Dr. Richard A. Lauffer was named department head from 1981 – 1989.
1987The 8-week classes were changed to a semester format. The addition to Carmichael Gymnasium allowed for an expansion in course offerings particularly in the areas of outdoor education and dance. Construction cost was $10 million.
1989Dr. Angela Lumpkin was named department head from 1989 – 1994. The first minor developed was Coaching Education.
1993The First Distance Education course offered by the department was Aerobics and Body Conditioning, Spring 1993 by Peggy S. Domingue.
1996Dr. Judy C. Peel was named department head from 1996 – 1999. PE 100 Health & Physical Fitness morphed into courses with similar content but different modes of exercising (i.e., PE 101 Fitness and Wellness, PE 102 Fitness Walking, PE 103 Water Aerobics, PE 104 Swim Conditioning, PE 105 Aerobics and body conditioning, PE 106 Triathlon, PE 107 Run Conditioning, etc.).
1997The Department of Physical Education graduation requirement (GEP) was changed to a two-semester requirement with a minimum requirement of one hour from one of the 100-level courses. The Department of Physical Education relocated to the Division of Student Affairs.
1998The Outdoor Leadership minor began offering classes.
1999The Fitness Leader minor began offering classes.
2001Dr. March Krotee was named department head from 2001-2007.
2002The Department of Physical Education was separated into three departments: Physical Education, Campus Recreation, and Carmichael Complex and Facilities Operations
2005The Health Minor began offering classes.
2006The Fitness Leader Minor was re-named Fitness Leadership Minor.
2007Dr. Thomas Roberts was named department head from 2007–2014. Carmichael Recreation Center was opened. The construction cost was $12 million.
2009The university updated the GEP title to “Physical Education / Healthy Living”.
2010The Fitness Leadership minor name was changed to Sports Science Minor. Campus Recreation changed its name to University Recreation. Carmichael Complex & Facilities Operations merged with University Recreation.
2011The Emergency Medicine Program was initiated by Physical Education and Biology. The first class was offered (PEH/BIO 300; EMT-Basic).
2012Department of Physical Education changed its name to Health and Exercise Studies (HES).
2013Course prefixes of PE, PEC, PEH, PEO, and PES changed to nine HES prefixes [HESA (aquatics), HESD (dance), HESE (emergency med), HESF (fitness), HESO (outdoor), HESM (minors), HESR (racquet), HESS (specialty), HEST (team)].HES reaches 30-course offerings in the Delta Distance Education Program, the most diverse offering of any department at NC State.
2014Dr. Tommy Holden was named department head 2014 – 2018.
2016The Associate Department Head position was established. Dr. Thomas Roberts was named Associate Department Head 2016 – 2019. The Senior Lecturer rank was established. The Dance Minor was approved.
2018Beth Wright Fath, MFA was named Department Head 2018 – 2022.
2019Autumn Mist Belk, MFA was named Associate Department Head 2019 – 2021.
2021Dr. Brenda Watson was named Associate Department Head 2021 – present.
2022Dr. Tommy Holden was named Interim Department Head 2022 – present.
2023The department celebrates its 100-year anniversary. The Dance Minor transitioned to the Department of Performing Arts and Technology.

Department Heads

  • John F. Miller 1924 – 1951
  • Paul H. Derr 1951 – 1969
  • Dr. Frederick R. Drews 1969 – 1981
  • Dr. Richard A. Lauffer 1981 – 1989
  • Dr. Angela Lumpkin 1989 – 1994
  • Dr. Judy C. Peel 1996 – 1999
  • Dr. March Krotee 2001 – 2007
  • Dr. Thomas Roberts 2007 – 2014
  • Dr. Tommy Holden 2014 – 2018
  • Beth Wright Fath, MFA 2018 – 2022
  • Dr. Tommy Holden, Interim 2022 – present

Associate Department Heads

  • Dr. Thomas Roberts 2016 – 2019
  • Autumn Mist Belk, MFA 2019 – 2021
  • Dr. Brenda Watson 2021 – present

Assistant Department Heads

  • Dr. Sarah Ball 2021 – present
  • Dr. Jeong Dae Lee 2021 – present

Interim Department Heads

  • Dr. William Toole
  • William H. Sonner
  • Lynn Berle
  • Dr. Charles Patch
  • Dr. Tommy Holden