Program Coordinator


Chris OusleyChris Ousley – Senior Lecturer

1309 Carmichael Gym



Program Description

The Department of Health and Exercise Studies offers a 15 credit hour Health minor that is designed for undergraduate students wishing to pursue careers in health-related professions and for students wishing to gain in-depth knowledge in various contemporary health-related topics for their own personal development. The minor provides students with theories, concepts, and practical skills concerning health behavior and includes a practicum to apply theory to practice.

Program Requirements

  • This minor requires the completion of 15 credit hours
  • There are four (4) required courses totaling seven (7) credit hours
  • Students will choose elective courses totaling eight (8) credit hours
  • Students must obtain a grade of “C-” or better in each of the required and elective courses
  • A minimum of 10 credit hours must be completed at NCSU including the practicum

Required Minor Courses (Minimum 7 Hours)

Elective Courses (Minimum 8 Hours)

Admission Process

  1. Read over all information regarding the minor program
  2. Contact the minor program coordinator
  3. Begin taking the required and/or elective courses in the minor program
  4. Complete and submit the Declare Minor Form to Registration And Records
  5. Meet with the minor coordinator prior to enrolling in the minor practicum

Declare Minor Form

Students should submit this form to Registration And Records to declare an intention to complete the minor program. Additionally, a copy of this form should be filed with your major advisor as soon as the minor is declared.